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Ransiwor Homestay

Ransiwor Homestay
Location: Pulau Ransiwor, opposite Pulau Mansuar's Yenbuba village
Accommodation: Two four room bungalows.
Owner: Hans Sauyai
Phone: +6281248410507 (SMS text message best)

Feb 19 2013: We're told Ransiwor is no longer accepting guests. We don't know why, but it's a real shame, because their ocean bungalow is a beauty. Perhaps you can drop in and get them to change the minds...

Two four room bungalows with 12V solar powered electricity. (240V supply from generator can be arranged - see below.) Basic cooking and dining shelters and shared toilet and bathroom shelters. Small private island with nice shaded surrounds for relaxing.

In April 2011, accommodation cost us Rp350,000 per night, and we found some ladies in Yenbuba willing to supply three meals a day for Rp100,000, making the total cost for two people a little over USD52.00 a day.
Ransiwor Homestay review (April 2011)
Ransiwor Homestay was where we found ourselves after the producers of the French version of the "reality" TV series 'Survivor' arranged the cancellation of our Mangkur Kodon booking in favour of their own requirements. Like many things in life, this unexpected setback looked really bad at first, but turned out to be the beginning of something really good.
Ransiwor Island is a tiny pile of jungle covered, craggy limestone that sits between the islands of Kri and Mansuar. The homestay occupies the only level ground on the island - an area on the western shore opposite Mansuar's Yenbuba Village.
A 12 volt solar powered electrical system provided fluorescent light in the bungalow at night, but wasn't powerful enough to charge batteries or devices. When some fellow travellers arrived to share the accommodation with us, Hans brought over a generator which extended the light to the other buildings and pathways. Maybe there have to be a minimum number of paying guests to cover the cost of the generator or maybe all we had to do was ask...

Ransiwor was a great place to stay. An uninhabited island to explore, the Yenbuba jetty and the channel's reefs for snorkelling, and on the full moon low tides you could walk to the neighbouring islands, discovering all manner of ocean creatures trapped in pools on the sandflats, waiting for the ocean's return.

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