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The village of Tablanusu

The exoticism of Papua in the village of Tablanusu

Papua not only had the story of melancholy question of horizontal conflicts. There is a beautiful exotic places in the New Guinea and named the village Tablanusu. It will change your view of Papua.

The village of Tablanusu is located in district Depapre, Jayapura Regency, Papua. This village has become tourism village by the provincial Government of Papua. If you are from the town of Jayapura, You can get on the bus to the city which is 33 kilometers Sentani, then went on a trip by car to the dock Depapre chartered approximately 1.5 hours. Then from the dock Depapre trip just spent 20 minutes to arrive in the village of Tablanasu.

There are 3 types of tours that you will encounter in the village of Tablanasu, i.e. natural history tours, tours, and cultural tourism. The village of Tablanasu has also been well managed and has several facilities, such as lodging, tour guides, boat rentals and others who made this comfortable place for your vacation.
A visit to this place, You will be greeted by beautiful suasanan, cool, green mountains scenery and clean beaches. Uniquely, the beach where it should not be confused with the beach somewhere else. The beach does not have a white sand beach, but it has a coral rocks. However, it turns out that coral rock along the coast could serve as a natural reflection massage the soles.

The village of tablanasu, which means sunset place, inhabited by the people’s livelihood-eyed as fishermen. Typical inhabitants of the place of food is the same as food Papua in General, the areca nut.

For those of you fans of activities diving, crystal clear sea water, the diversity of fish and coral reefs that are still very awake will pamper Your activities. If you are lucky, You may encounter sharks in this place. In addition, You can feel a fisherman with a join the fishermen fish hunting at night.

The village has an area of 230,5 hectares is also has a Lake Dukumbo. You can fish whitefish, oreochromis mossambicus and mas in the pristine Lake while accompanied by loud, various birds and various types of plants. In addition, there are two islets are not far away from the village who have Orchid flowers endemic to New Guinea. In the afternoon, two of the island also hosts an various types of birds. The birds were resting in the branches of the trees and seems to line up to form a beautiful view towards the sunset.

The village of Tablanusu also has remains of Allied soldiers in World War II. Historically, this village used to be one of the Allied army base in eastern Indonesia. Then, You can find the gun emplacements and former Allied soldiers landing dock. In addition, there is also a tomb and Memorial Cross near the Church. The tomb is a local socialite and one of the founders of the Church. As for the inscription of the cross was erected to commemorate the entry of the Christian religion to the village of Tablanusu in the early 1900 ‘s.
The village is divided into ten tribes, namely The Sumile, Danya, Suwae, Apaserai, Serantow, Wambena, Semisu, Selli, Yufuwai, and Yakurimlen. Then, it would be a lot of cultural diversity that you encounter on the site

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